Books and Catalogues

"Marianne Gagnier and Kim Sloane - Out of Thin Air" catalogue for exhibition at Cedar Crest College, October 27 2014 - January 3, 2015. Essay by Elizabeth Johnson

Marianne Gagnier, "Of this World - New Paintings", catalogue for exhibition January 28 - February 22, 2014 at The Painting Center. Essay by Kim Sloane

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W. Noel Suter, "Being as Subective as Possible", catalogue for exhibition, PSA Art Showcase IX, July-December 1997.

Articles and Reviews

Sharon Butler,, "The Hills Are Alive," at LABspace, show description/listing, "Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide, July 2023

Review, "The Hills Are Alive, LABspace Celebrates Local Artists, by Ann Martucci, MAINstreet Magazine, July 2023

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Review of "Farrago" exhibition at Equity Gallery, October 2020, by Elizabeth Johnson at

Excerpt: "Countering beauty with brawn, Gagnier's Air series, white cherishes subtle, chance paint on smeared, torn, or trampled paper shards – yes, messier is better."

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Excerpt from essay by Michael Gormley, "Captivated by Collage", writing about "Farrago" exhibition at Equity Gallery, October, 2020.

"Marianne Gagnier is an alchemist—her collages hard won distillations of color, form and texture deployed in a Hofmann-esque triumph to compositional tension. Aptly titled “Repair Series”, Gagnier’s collage surfaces are battle fields; layers upon layers, torn and stacked, pasted and re-pasted and painted all over again. Their very making, the great effort to pull together opposing parts (however fractured) into a compelling and greater whole, embodies what collage does best and why it calls to us so loudly on this day."

Luxe - Interiors and Design

reproduction of painting, "Brooklyn"

“Marianne Gagnier: On Process”, February 16, 2014.

Xico Greenwald, “Grand Gestures”, February 20, 2014.

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Maureen Mullarkey
"Marianne Gagnier at Maurice Arlos Fine Arts", January 19, 2002

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Patricia Bailey
"Marianne Gagnier, Morris Arlos Fine Art", November 2002